Mental Health Services

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Outpatient Counseling

Appointment line: (863) 248-3311

Outpatient Counseling services include a complete biopsychosocial assessment of the individual as well as family and group therapy for both children and adults. We treat a wide variety of mental disorders that affect an individual's quality or life and ability to function. Some of the common disorders that we treat, although not limited to, are major depression, bipolar illness, anxiety, schizophrenia, ADHD and child behavioral disorders. Our therapist are comprised of Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Certified Addictions Professionals, and Licensed Clinical Social Workers.

Psychiatric Services

Appointment line (863) 248-3311

Psychiatric Services consist primarily of psychiatric evaluations, on-call consultation, medication evaluations, medication administration and nursing assessments. Psychiatric Services staff are comprised of Board Certified Psychiatrists specializing in child, adolescent, and adult psychiatry. 

Substance Abuse and Co-Occurring Counseling Services
Appointment line: (863) 519-0575 x-4-2110 or x-4-2177

The Substance Abuse Treatment program at Peace River Center consists of two components: traditional Substance Abuse Outpatient Services and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Traditional Outpatient Services are individualized and include a variety of treatment methods that are incorporated, including individual, group and family counseling. 

The IOP is typically a 100 hour program that serves as an alternative to residential care, in it participants commit to 3 day a week for 3 months. Both programs are available for adults and adolescents, as determined by a comprehensive evaluation. Treatment is provided by experienced licensed and master's level substance abuse clinicians. The Substance Abuse Treatment Program treats adults and adolescents ages 13 and up. 


Adult Case Management Services
(863)519-0575 Ext.4108

Adult Case Management focuses on the needs of persons with serious mental illnesses for service needs and links them to the needed community resources such as social security, Medicaid/ Medicare and food stamps. Case Managers assist individuals in planning short and long- term goals for their recovery while monitoring progress on reaching those goals. Additionally, Case Management serves as a supporter in an individual's recovery process.
*Note: Referral through outpatient or inpatient assessment are necessary to participate in this program.

(863) 248-3314

The Florida Assertive Community Treatment Team is a wide ranging and thorough multi-service model designed to serve 100 adults who have a severe and persistent mental illness. The F.A.C.T Team on the whole assists in the areas of medication management/delivery, independent/supported housing, as well as helping the individual to improve their overall quality of life and avoid long-term hospitalization.

Residential Program
(863) 519-0575 ext. 4104

The Residential Program assists severely and persistently mentally ill residents in the development and refining of daily living skills so they may attain the goal of living in the least restrictive environment possible. Treatment plans are developed which pair the resident's strengths with their personal goals. Residents may also receive medication management, case management, vocational, forensic, and psychosocial rehabilitation services.
*Note: Referral through outpatient or inpatient assessment are necessary to participate in this program.

HUD Subsidized Housing Program-Peace River Apartments
(863) 519-0575 ext. 2157

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services
(863) 519-0575 ext.4103
Hours: 8AM-5PM Monday- Friday

Provides opportunities to develop essential communication skills, coping skills, daily living skills and a deeper understanding of emotional well-being using two tracks:

Track 1 - Independent Living/Community Tenure helps clients achieve independent living in the
               least restrictive environment possible and avoid hospitalization.
Track 2 - Vocational Track helps clients develop workplace and employment skills.

Vocational and Supported Employment Services
(863) 519-0575 ext. 4108

Operates in developing emotional, social and employment skills necessary to secure job placement. Provides opportunities to try various jobs to assess interest and skill level, and provides opportunities to work in the community for a competitive wage with a job coach working to maximize the client's opportunity for success.
*Note: Referral through outpatient or inpatient assessment are necessary to participate in this program.

Supported Housing Program
(863) 519-0575 ext. 1181

Assists individuals who are homeless and have mental illness, in seeking, securing and retaining permanent scattered-site housing.
*Note: Referral through outpatient or inpatient assessment are necessary to participate in this program.

Short-Term Adult Residential (SRT)
(863) 519-3741

A secured 30-bed treatment unit providing psychiatric rehabilitation services to prepare for community reintegration. Services are comprised of comprehensive assessments, group treatment, medication management and education, discharge planning and referrals, family education and psychosocial rehabilitation.

(863) 413-3267

A rehabilitation club for people with mental illness where real-life job skills are taught and practiced to achieve "meaningful work" as a contributing member of society. Club members learn responsibility, develop self-esteem and learn to interact professionally. Provides transitional employment opportunities with local community partners, guidance in obtaining secure housing, assisting with educational advancement, and promoting on-going psychiatric care.
Note: Club SUCCESS participants can and do maintain government benefits.

Forensic Services
(863) 519-0575 ext. 1124 

Forensic services are provided to adult individuals (18+) dealing with a mental illness and are involved in the criminal justice system. Services consists of screenings, referrals, advocacy, conditional release monitoring and competency restorations services. Forensic Services operate in cooperation with the justice system.


Resiliency Team
(863) 519-0575 ext: 1150

The Resiliency Team works with youth and their families within their communities.  Services are comprised of assessments, in-home therapy, parenting, mentoring, and linkage to community resources. The Resiliency Team works to keep youth who have been diagnosed as having a serious emotional disturbance from requiring residential care.
*Note: Referal through outpatient or inpatient assessment are necessary to participate in this program.

Children's Advocacy Center
(863) 519-3911

The Children's Advocacy Center is a multi-agency collaborative community effort to provide services to children who have experienced abuse or neglect. Counseling services are provided as needed.

Home To Stay

(863) 519-0575 ext. 1156

An in-home crisis intervention/stabilization program for high risk families. Designed to provide the family with the necessary skills and case management services to keep the child in the home. Assists in reunifying families with children in out-of-home placements. Teaches various skills: problem solving, behavioral modification, parenting, conceptual change, communication.
*Note: Referal through outpatient or inpatient assessment are necessary to participate in this program.

Transitional Recovery to Independence Program (TRIP)
(863)519-0575 ext. 1156

TRIP promotes a positive, recovery-based, stigma-free environment where young adults can appropriately learn or improve their basic living skills.
*Note: Referal through outpatient or inpatient assessment are necessary to participate in this program.

Comprehensive Behavioral Health Assessment Service
(863) 519-0575 ext. 2163

Each child placed by the State of Florida in shelter care is required to receive an in-depth and detailed assessment of their emotional, social, behavioral and developmental functioning within the family home, school and community. This assessment and resulting recommendations are used to develop the child and family's case plan.

Infant Mental Health (birth to age 5)
(863) 519-0575 ext. 2163

The in-home therapist serves families with infants, toddlers, and children ages birth to five in their homes and at appropriate community sites. These are children who require more intensive services and meets the guidelines for such services. Services involve the child, the family and appropriate community members, such as preschool providers.